Meet the Outdoor Afro Inc. Ambassadors

Welcome to the Outdoor Afro Inc Ambassador Program! We are so excited to launch our very first ambassador program, and are looking for product testers, fun hogs, and people who know how to get after all aspects in life, that do so with swagger!

As an ambassador, you’ll not only represent the spirit of Outdoor Afro Inc, but you’ll also be a part of our mission to nurture a joyful connection to the outdoors without ever compromising your personal swagger. If you’re eager to make a difference and inspire others, and think you’d be a great fit for the brand, here’s your chance. Get to know our Ambassadors and apply to be part of our next cohort below!



Hiking is a need for me. I need space to think, to roam and to explore. I don’t have many goals when I go on hikes, unless I’m with a group, they usually have destination goals. For me, growing up in Belize made being out in nature a necessity. I NEED the views, the new experiences, the silence that dawns on me when I am just truly taken back by the magnitude of the beauty before me. That alone brings me joy. Seeing things I haven’t before and having new experiences makes me happy. The thing about nature is, I can look at the same sky, the same ocean, the same stars every night and feel something new or see something different, so it’s an easy win to feel joy and peace when I’m outside. 



Both of my parents ran track, and so I started running when I was about 4. At that time, the WNBA had just come on the scene, and I didn’t really believe sports for me was a possibility. Since participating in the first Outdoor Afro campaign, my passion for finding black people in nature has been at an all time high. Rue is my biggest inspiration. Learning how to build a network of people who love outdoors is what I am passionate about and have adopted that passion into my marathon training. I’m very excited to be running with a black-led group for the upcoming marathon.



My primary passion is running! I love to run and be outdoors. If I am not running I love to go on hikes or walks. I first got that itch back in 2020. I had a big knee injury that changed my life and created this new passion. I have been a athlete my entire life so it wasn’t a new thing to run but the kind of running I do now is great. I find joy in challenge, my adventure is not the normal experience because I will do long backpacking or hiking. I like the challenge and obstacles that come with it. In my last backpacking trip I was with a group of people. A few people went ahead and got lost, so myself and one more person had to go running through the trails to find these individuals that got lost. What a time that was to find them miles apart from us.



I find joy in my adventures and in my active lifestyle by making it about more than just being active or being outdoors. I make it about true connection. For me on the softball field, that’s knowing my teammates on a deeper level and understanding how our different skills and talents work together to create success. Outdoors, I find connection with earth, ancestors, and spirit. I believe that nature and the ability to explore it is a love song written directly to us from God (the universe, the source, whatever works). I think because this is the way I find joy in nature, it automatically takes me out of the pre-packaged outdoor experiences and allows me to imprint my own style on adventures. I always prefer an experience where I am connected with locals and folks native to the area to guide me through their land and their culture, as I believe everything is interconnected.