June Founder Favorites

June Founder Favorites

The Ultimate Cookout

What’s summer without a sizzling cookout? It's not just a meal; it’s an experience! For me, it’s all about marinated and grilled proteins, fresh summer salads, and a refreshing mint-infused lemonade.

Bonus points if you host at your local park or beach! Active pick-up games like frisbee, wading in the water, and even card and domino games make it a fun-filled day for everyone.

Hosting a cookout is an invitation that's hard to pass up!


Summer isn’t complete without some big water action! Whether it’s the ocean, lakes, rivers, or waterfalls, I love exploring by boat, raft, or even a scenic trail.

For a thrilling experience, check out whitewater rafting trips like this one for guided adventures. Also, don’t miss out on water-related events through your local Outdoor Afro in a city near you!

The County Fair Magic

I grew up going to the Lake County Fair, and it’s pure nostalgia! The night lights, thrilling rides, games, and fair goodies like funnel cake and cotton candy are just the beginning.

The heart of the fair? The exhibition hall! It’s a celebration of local talents in baking, drawing, photography, and even table setting.

Fun fact: My homemade cornbread recipe won a ribbon at the 2011 Alameda County Fair. Check out this artist's rendering of my winning recipe!



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